ICC - Instructional Coaching Collaborate
ICC - Instructional Coaching Collaborate
Become a teacher's teacher.
Lakewood Teacher Center - 150 James Street, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Learn how to: apply coaching strategies to develop a strong leadership role, foster a culture of continuous learning, navigate and guide teachers through teaching, behavioral and social challenges, improve teacher effectiveness and student performance. Open to Mechanchos/Educators with a minimum of five years teaching experience. Attend 8 full-day seminars in July; 4 half day seminars during the school year. Weekly coaching conversations, bi-monthly classroom visits. Fee includes all course materials.

Would you love to join this exciting program but are unable to be in the Lakewood area? Now you can join from school or home as a "Distant Learner" through a live Webinar and still be a full participant in the class! Email Dovid Weinstein at for more information.

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