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Head Of School
Providence Hebrew Day School/ New England Academy of Torah
Providence RI
The Providence Hebrew Day School and the New England Academy of Torah Girls High School are interested in hiring an experienced Head of School beginning with the 2021-22 school year who would manage both schools' educational programs, provide strong leadership to teachers and staff members, and develop a positive relationship with all students, thereby supporting a productive and exciting learning environment. The Head of School will ensure that every teacher has the resources they need to run an effective classroom and meet the state's curriculum requirements. Competitive compensation and benefits package offered.
Head Of School
Vancouver Hebrew Academy
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver Hebrew Academy is a warm and inclusive elementary school serving the diverse needs of Jewish students and their families in Greater Vancouver. The candidate will have: - Superior communication and interpersonal skills - Teaching and administrative experience - A degree in Education and/ or Educational Leadership
Bais Yaakov of Baltimore
Baltimore MD
Seeking a highly qualified individual of outstanding character and proven leadership and educational skills to unify and coordinate our many educational programs and our outstanding administrative and teaching staff across all divisions of the school. The Dean will be the leading mechanech and educator of the school. He will work to continually improve the stellar chinuch our Bais Yaakov is known for, taking new initiatives from vision to policy and implementation.
Shalhevet Girls High School Grades 8-12
Vancouver, Canada
Shalhevet seeks a dynamic Mechanechet to lead the academic programs, manage the day-to-day operations of our school and stand as a role model and inspiration for our students. The successful candidate will have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience and one year of administrative experience. She will hold an advanced degree in Education and/or School Leadership and have evidence of completion of a course of study at a recognized post-secondary Orthodox, Jewish institution (Yeshiva or Seminary).
Head Of School/Dean
Bais Yaakov D'Rav Hirschprung
Montreal Quebec

Seeking dynamic Mechanech to transmit hashkafas HaTorah and quality chinuch to a long time established Bais Yaakov girls high school with decades of success. The candidate will serve as a model of Torah values and hashkafa, combined with sensitivity and understanding toward students and parents. Responsibilities will also include involvement with the school's financial budget, maintaining balance of school expenditures and salaries as well as some possible involvement in fundraising programs to help maintain the school's financial health.
Head Of School
Torah Prep School of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Seeking new Head of School beginning with the 2020-21 school year to lead the school's administration, coordinating the efforts of the existing excellent and experienced administrative leaders of the various departments of the school, including the Boys' School Menahel, Girls' School Menaheles, General Studies Principal and Preschool Principal. The Head of School will also effectively serve as the "CEO" of the school, will be the face of the organization to the community and its stakeholders, and will work hand-in-hand with the long-time Executive Director to further the fundraising activities and overall financial well-being of the institution. For more information about the school and its history, see
Menahel/ Menaheles
Bais Yaakov of Queens
Kew Gardens NY

Looking for a dynamic individual to serve as Menahel/Menaheles and be responsible for promoting the vision and values of Bais Yaakov to its academic staff, students, parent body and the community at large. Candidate should be passionate, dynamic, inspiring and highly motivated. Have extensive experience with student and teacher evaluation, possess strong administrative skills, yet be approachable, maintaining a student-oriented focus.
Administrator/ GS Principal
Mesivta Yesodei Hatorah
Naugatuck CT

Mesivta Yesodai Hatorah, in Naugatuck CT, is seeking a candidate who will serve as its Administrator and General Studies Principal. Responsibilities will include meeting with superintendents and school boards, recruiting, hiring, dismissing, and training staff, conducting teacher and staff evaluations to ensure proper implementation of curriculum, monitoring financial affairs, creating budgets and supervising upkeep of the facility.
Preschool Director
Menachem Mendel Academy
Phoenix AZ
Menachem Mendel Academy, Phoenix Arizona, is seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic founding Preschool Director to open a brand new Preschool this year IY"H. (Possible employment for spouse)
Middle School Assistant Principal
Politz Day School
Cherry Hill NJ
Politz Day School of Cherry Hill is seeking a Middle School Assistant Principal to join our school community and serve as a member of our leadership team beginning in July 2020. The Middle School Assistant Principal leads our middle school, grades 5-8, as we prepare students for high school and beyond. Working with faculty, students and parents, she will focus on curriculum and instruction as well as student life. One of the key components of this position is to ensure that the curriculum incorporates project-based learning so that the learning correlates with our students life experiences and is meaningful. To integrate well into the school, the Assistant Principal will teach some Judaic Studies classes. The successful candidate will be organized and detailed oriented. She will be flexible, able to deal with the demands of multiple priorities, and demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with parents, students, and colleagues. The Middle School Assistant Principal works in collaboration with the leadership team and reports to the Head of School. This is a full-time position, year-round position. Specific duties and responsibilities will be based on the candidate’s skill-set and work experience.
Rebbe - High School
Skokie Yeshiva/ Fasman Yeshiva High School
Skokie IL
Fasman Yeshiva High School/Skokie Yeshiva has an opening for a talented, knowledgeable, warm, enthusiastic and dynamic Rebbe for the 2020-2021 school year. Candidates should ideally hold a Masters degree in Education and/or have teacher training, and to 2-3 years experience in Yeshiva high school education. Candidate should embrace ongoing professional development and growth. Responsibilities include teaching a morning shiur, teaching night seder 2-3 times a week, participating in school shabbatons and onegs, supervising shacharis and serve as a role model for budding Bnei Torah.
Torah Ohr Hebrew Academy
Great Neck NY
Seeking a talented, dynamic, and experienced BOYS OUTREACH COUNSELOR to assist our outreach director in his existing programs with the local public school boys. We are seeking a young, energetic, go-getter who is capable, organized, and who can relate to and connect to teenagers.
Rebbe And Morah
Torah Day School of Ottawa
Ottawa ON
Torah Day School of Ottawa is seeking an exceptional and dynamic Rebbe, Morah or teaching couple to join the existing faculty for January 2021, however if mid-year relocation is difficult, the successful candidate can begin August, 2021. The candidate/s must understand that the school is not just an important educational institution, but the school serves a critical role in supporting a flourishing Jewish life in Ottawa. A teacher at Torah Day School will be embracing families from diverse backgrounds with varying level and types of observance having a long-lasting effect on our students, their families and the entire local Jewish community. The Successful applicant/s teaching assignments will be determined based upon experience and abilities. Position includes a generous salary, health benefits and a relocation package. ABOUT TORAH DAY SCHOOL Torah Day School is a happy, warm and welcoming environment where dynamic teachers inspire children from varying levels of observance to reach their individual potential, while instilling a lifelong passion for Yiddishkeit and commitment to Torah and Mitzvos.
Yeshivah Ohel Moshe
Brooklyn NY

Our Yeshivah in Bensonhurst is looking for a First Grade Morah for Limudei Kodesh.
Rebbe And Morah
San Diego Schools
San Diego CA
San Diego, CA, is seeking dynamic, talented teachers to join our Limudei Kodesh staff of our schools. We anticipate openings this coming school year that present a unique opportunity for young and aspiring educators to have a significant impact on the growth of our schools and our Jewish community.The ideal candidates for these positions would be energetic and capable Rebbeim (with spouses also in Chinuch) with a strong passion for elementary, middle school, and high school education. They will demonstrate the ability to teach a variety of different types of learners, a willingness to collaborate with a community of educators, and the ability to make a strong contribution to a growing Jewish day school. We have an interest in interviewing a husband and wife team who would be interested in tackling multiple openings.
Stein Yeshiva of Lincoln Park
Yonkers NY
A great opportunity for someone starting a career in chinuch and will cont. into an associate principal position. Currently the job entails being a full-time teacher both Limudai Kodesh and General Studies, supervising and working collaboratively with other teachers in a progressive, dynamic learning pavilion setting. He or she will work closely with the Menahel to further develop our exciting and accelerated curriculum. This is a great opportunity for someone starting out in education and at the same time getting experience and apprenticeship in becoming a principal and possibly head of school.
GS Teachers
Yeshiva Ch'san Sofer
Brooklyn NY

Yeshiva Ch'san Sofer is seeking General Studies teachers. Supportive Administration, good pay, training and curriculum provided.
Shevach High School
Flushing NY

Niviyim Rishonim for 11th and and 12th grade. 11th grade meets Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 - 12:05. 12th grade meets Mondays from 10:30 - 12:00 and Wednesday 10:20 - 11:50.
Judaic Studies Teacher
Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy
Brooklyn NY
Mill Basin Yeshiva is seeking to hire part time 3rd grade Judaic Studies teacher for the PM hours. Immediate opening.
Substitute Rebbeim
Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy
Brooklyn NY
Mill Basin Yeshiva Academy is seeking to hire Substitute Rebbeim for the Junior High school to teach all Judaic subjects. Immediate opening.
Teacher - High School Girls
Nefesh Academy
Brooklyn NY

High school:Grades 9-12 Position 1- ELA; Position 2- Writing
Torah Ohr Hebrew Academy
Great Neck NY
A wonderful and warm Kiruv organization located in Great Neck is seeking a talented and dynamic GIRLS OUTREACH COUNSELOR for our local public school girls. We are seeking a young, energetic, go-getter who is capable, organized, and who can relate to and connect to public school girls and teenagers. We need someone who can revitalize and expand our current programs including, lunch-n-learn, trips, shabbatons, and parties in honor of Yom tovim.
GS Teacher- HS Girls
Bruriah High School of the JEC
Elizabeth NJ
Bruriah High School is seeking qualified individual(s) to teach US History 1 (Grade 10) and HS Geometry. Relevant classroom teaching experience required
Morah- 4th Grade
Staten Island Hebrew Academy
Staten Island NY
Kiruv school in Staten Island, NY is seeking a dynamic 4th Grade Morah who has a passion for Yiddishkeit and Jewish continuity.
GS Teacher- HS Girls
Bruriah High School of the JEC
Elizabeth NJ
Immediate openings for part time positions: US History 2 - Monday-Thursday afternoons Geometry - Monday-Friday morning/early afternoon
Caskey Torah Academy
Wynnewood PA
Seeking a full time teacher with at least one year of kindergarten or first grade experience.
Asst Teachers- Early Childhood And First Grade
New City NY
Warm, caring full time assistant teachers needed for Early Childhood and 1st grade classes.
Rebbe - 2nd Grade
Yeshiva Torat Emet of Houston
Houston TX
We are currently looking to hire a Second Grade Rebbe to teach an all-boys class. This would be a part-time classroom teaching and we would work with the candidate to find other roles in school depending on the skill set of the Rebbe to fill the day of this full-time position. As we continue to grow, this job would become full-time teaching. A strong candidate would express a deep and enthusiastic love of Torah and Yiras Shamayim. He would also have a track record of positive interactions with children. These experiences may be in a formal classroom or informal setting such as camp or youth groups. Another important criterion would be a strong desire to learn and grow. This experience can be in classes the Rebbe has attended in teaching or a serious commitment to attain these skills through learning opportunities and mentorship.
Yeshivas Kodshim
Lakewood NJ



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