ICC: Instructional Coaching Collaborate
ICC: Instructional Coaching Collaborate
For Principals & Teachers with 10+ Years of Experience
Starting June 26
via zoom
Bring your teaching beyond the classroom.
Become a teacher's guide and support your staff from within. Train as an instructional coach.

Acquire the skills: Coaching language | Lesson design for effective learning | Manage classrooms with ease

The ICC course, 14 virtual sessions (8 in the summer, 6 in the fall), is geared towards principals and teachers with 10+ years of experience. Strengthen and fortify your skills and connect with our growing group of learning professionals.

The facilitators are Mrs. Chumi Levitansky, Mrs. Mindy Lidsky, and Mrs. Rochel Zimmerman, experts in their respective fields.

Course Fee: $950. For more information, please contact Mrs. Naomi Herbst at or 212-227-1000, ext 4564.

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