Mechaneches Training Program
Mechaneches Training Program
Open to all classroom teacher/morah or mechanchos
Women's Program
via zoom with the Mashgiach Program
Sunday afternoons, 3-6pm EST, Nov-June
The Torah Umesorah Nefesh Chaya Mashgiach & Mechaneches Training Program equips Morahs and Mechanchos with vital tools to reach every student's social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Am I a good fit for this training?

This course is for the classroom teacher/Morah or Mechaneches, who would like to make sure she connects to and understands every student in the room. The training provides participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical application of essential foundations of psychology needed to recognize a student in need. Whether the student is experiencing behavioral or social-emotional difficulties, facing trauma in the home, or needs further academic support or intervention, our Mechanchos complete the training equipped with vital tools to intervene, provide support, and explore the next steps.

What will I gain from this course?

As a participant in this course, you will have the opportunity to learn from and access top professionals in the world of mental health today. You will be joining a group of like-minded mechanchos interested in ongoing personal and professional growth. There is a heavy emphasis on the essence of self-esteem, grit and motivation, understanding and treating anxieties and OCD, and conduct disorders such as ADD and ADHD. Rabbonim and Veteran Mechanchim will lecture on specific topics such as 'Kedushas Am Yisroel' and 'The Role of the Mashgiach in Our Schools.'

What are the requirements for joining the training?

The teacher/morah must be nominated by the principal and currently employed in the school. A letter of recommendation must accompany the application.

What does it cost?

The course fee is $1,200, to be paid by the school. A partial payment of $600 is due upon acceptance, followed by the balance at a later date. All participants are required to submit a credit card along with the application. Payment plans may be arranged with the Torah Umesorah financial office.

How can I apply?

Review all the PDF details and complete the attached application form.

I have more questions, how do I reach the office?

email and our office will do our best to be in touch and answer your questions.

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