Lilmod U'Lilamed Teacher Training Course
Lilmod U'Lilamed Teacher Training Course
For Kollel Yungeleit and Rebbeim
Starting after Succos
Register Online
Fee: $1000
TU Headquarters, 620 Foster Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Among the topics to be included: Classroom Management, Discipline with Dignity, Establishing Procedures & Routines, Strategies for Successful Learning, Lesson Planning, Elements of Instruction, Differentiated Instruction, Time Management, Dealing with Impulse Disorders, Social Skills Training, Teacher-Parent Relationships, Infusing יראת שמים & אמונה in your תלמידים. A Teacher Training Certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

The course includes: substituting arranged for participants, model lessons arranged with observations and feedback, and assistance with job placement.
Tuition: $1,000, with limited partial scholarships available.

For information or to register, please contact: Rabbi Yisroel Meir Rubinfeld, 212-227-1000 ext 4541 or email

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