Diverse Learners Initiative (DLI)
Diverse Learners Initiative (DLI)
Become a Learning Specialist to help struggling students.
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Torah Umesorah Headquarters, 620 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
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The Challenge:

The current reality in schools today is that several children in every classroom view themselves as non-learners because of their academic challenges.

These students may receive modifications in the classroom and learning support out of the classroom. Despite all of these supports, the students still face a painful reality. Very often, these children simply opt out. This can result in devastating lifelong effects.

The Purpose:

The purpose of the DLI program is to address the challenges these students face and enable their success by creating the role of a Learning Specialist in every school. The Learning Specialist will oversee and ensure the success of the struggling students.

Students will receive targeted intervention and a plan of how to transfer these skills to the mainstream environment and beyond.

Our goal is to bring these students back in.

Complete details and application are downloadable below.

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