Diverse Learners Initiative
Diverse Learners Initiative
A Training Course for Learning Specialists
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The current reality in schools today is that several children in every classroom view themselves as non-learners. These students encounter continuous failure despite exhaustive efforts to help them succeed. The seemingly endless efforts to assist these children without success-chavrusas, tutors, P3, resource room-underscores the fact that they cannot succeed in school. The reality is too painful for them to deal with and very often these children opt out. Our goal is to bring these students back in.

The purpose of the DLI program is to address the challenges these students face and to help close the gap between these students and their peers. The plan is to create in the role of a Learning Specialist in each school who will be able to oversee the child's progress while collaborating with principals, teachers, parents and students. The Specialist will be able to offer informed guidance and specific recommendations to help students overcome their challenges and become students once again. Our training / supervision program includes 20 post graduate level classes which bridge research based theory to practical classroom application.

Topics include: Specific Learning disorders, ADHD, Executive Function, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Remediation strategies for SLDs non verbal learning disability, Instructional Models, Cognitive Constructs,Social Pragmatics, Gifted Learners, Understanding an evaluation, Language,Classroom Management

For more information or to register, please call Mrs. Rivky Perlow 212-227-1000 or email You may also contact Rabbi Chaim Wein at 212-227-1000 ext 4544 or

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