Teacher Training Course: BROOKLYN
Teacher Training Course: BROOKLYN
For Kollel Yungeleit & Rebbeim
Starting November 11, 2019
Torah Umesorah Headquarters
620 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
For the first time in Brooklyn, join Torah Umesorah's Teacher Training Course geared towards Kollel Yungeleit and Rebbeim. The first session will commence, I"YH, after Succos 2019 and will meet one evening a week for a 90 minute session.

Among the topics included are: Classroom Management, Discipline with Dignity, Time Management, Elements of Instruction, Teacher-Parent Relationships, etc.

Tuition: $1000.00 (limited scholarships available) Registration may be downloaded below or completed online. Register today!
For more information, please contact Rabbi Yisoel Meir Rubinfeld, 212-227-1000, ext 4541 or

Click here to download complete course details and registration form.

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