Nefesh Chaya Mashgiach & Mechaneches Training Program
Nefesh Chaya Mashgiach & Mechaneches Training Program
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Torah Umesorah Headquarters, 620 Foster Ave, Brooklyn NY
Course begins after Succos, I"YH. REGISTER TODAY!

The goal of the Nefesh Chaya Mashgiach and Mechaneches Training Program is to assist yeshivos in identifying and servicing students struggling socially or emotionally, by training a group of rebbeim as Mashgichim and moros as Mechanchos. The rigorous and intense curriculum includes such topics as Learning Disabilities, Emotional & Social Disorders, anxiety issues, bereavement, Empathy & Active Listening, and other tools to assist with the overall emotional well-being of the student. They are trained on how to provide support in the school or when to suggest an outside referral. The courses are taught by doctorate level instructors, top names in the field of mental health and also veteran educators. Graduates work as a Mashgiach or Mechaneches in the yeshiva, with Torah Umesorah providing supervision. Trained Mashgichim/Mechanchos work together as a team with the Principal and Rebbeim or Moros, while advocating for the students, creating an optimal environment for effective class function.

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