Programs of Study: Churban Europa
Programs of Study: Churban Europa
For Middle School, Mesivtos, Girls High Schools and Seminaries
2018-19 School Year
The Zechor Yemos Olam Division is offering three different tracks for studying Churban Europa. Presenters include, Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Director of ZYO and auxiliary presenter, Rabbi Yaakov Astor, Author & Historian.

Option A: Implementation - Half day visit to your school, orientation/training day with staff, address to students, samples of TU instructional materials.

Option B: Implementation and Mini-Course - Two day visit to school, orientation/training with staff, Program launch address to students, overview of Holocaust history, session of pertinent hashkafos, samples of TU instructional materials, video presentation.

Option C: Comprehensive - All of option B, assigned, planning and preparatory materials for Poland trip (for senior and/or seminaries).

For detailed information, including costs, please contact Rabbi Klein - 212-227-1000, ext 4557 or email Limited scholarships available!

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