New Year, New Ideas: Back to School
New Year, New Ideas: Back to School
2-Day Seminar for Experienced, Newer & New Rebbeim
August 14 & 15
Torah Umesorah Headquarters, 620 Foster Ave, Brooklyn
Tuesday, August 14th Session options: Homerun Lessons by Rabbi Yehoshua Levy, Motivation Today by Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Understanding Your Talmid Beyond the Surface by Rabbi Mordechai Reichberg

Wednesday, August 15th Session Options: The Art of Classroom Management by Rabbi Yisroel Meir Rubinfeld, How to Make Learning Gemara a Career by Rabbi Chaim Wein, Communication: Rebbi-Menahel, Rebbi-Parent: A Panel Discussion

Choose one session for $25.00 or all sessions for $100.00.

Click to download complete schedule and registration form or register online.

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