3+3 New Teacher Training
3+3 New Teacher Training
For Teachers with 0-5 Years Experience
August 22, 23, & 26, 2018
TU Headquarters: 620 Foster Ave, Brooklyn, NY
3+3 is Torah Umesorah's teacher training program for teachers with 0-5 years experience. Topics such as Classroom Management, Student Engagement & Assessment and Lesson Design are covered. Presenters include: Mrs. Chumi Levitansky, Mrs. Ziporah Schuck, Mrs. Baily Stefansky, and Mrs. Rochel Zimmerman.

Sessions take place from 6pm-10:15pm on Wednesday, August 22, Thursday, August 23 and Sunday, Aug 26 and on three additional dates after Succos.

Livestreaming is available for remote learners.

Fee is $275 for the complete series. Registration is required.

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