74th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
74th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
March 21st
The Palace
780 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Join us on Wednesday evening, March 21st to pay tribute to:
Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchok Fuchs - R' Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz Award
Yeshivat Darche Eres - Rabbi Meyer Yedid, Rosh HaYeshiva - Hersh Potok Memorial School of the Year Award
Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Engel - Yesud Ma'aloh Award
Rabbi & Mrs. Tzvi Rajchgod - Aish Dos Award
Rabbi & Mrs. Daniel Lebovits - Eitz Chaim Project SEED Award
Rabbi & Dr. Shlomo Agishtein - Eitz Chaim Project SEED AWard
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