Mashgiach / Mechaneches Training Program
Mashgiach / Mechaneches Training Program
Nov 19 - June 2018
TU National Headquarters
The Torah Umesorah Mashgiach Training Program was developed to provide our schools with personnel to help address the needs of students who maybe experiencing academic, behavioral or social difficulties as well as to promote optimal functioning in those who are not experiencing difficulties . The goal is to expose a group of teachers to an array of topics and a variety of disciplines. The Mashgiach, who is hired by the school specifically for this role, will commit to the school for three years. The training includes 25 intense classes, (that take place on Sundays, 2.5-3 hours per class) with mental health professionals, mechanchim and Roshei Yeshiva to allow these educators to provide the necessary supports for our students. There is a strong emphasis on facilitating communication with between the principal, teachers and parents to best position the student for success.

TO APPLY: We are currently opening enrollment to train the next cohort of talented teachers to become Torah Umesorah trained Mechanchos. Another class for Mashgichim, is in formation. If you would like to enroll a staff member in this program, please contact our office for an application. The school must nominate a teacher and commit to hiring this individual in an official capacity as the Mashgiach or Mechaneches in that school. There is a $1,000 registration fee to be paid by the school.
Limited space available!

NEW! Remote Learning:
We have now have a remote learning option for our courses. Torah Umesorah’s goal is to train Mechanchos and Mashgichim, to effectively reach as many students as possible. Please note: There are a few sessions that will have a mandatory in-person attendance at our Headquarters. (Dates will be shared with enough advance notice for appropriate travel arrangements to be made.)

FOR MORE INFORMATION:, 212-227-1000, ext 4630 or, 212-227-1000, ext 4631. Rabbi Dovid Morgenstern, Director
Click here to download the registration packet for both the Mashgiach and Mechaneches programs.

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