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The voices


Anonymous November 25, 2021

As a teacher of teenagers, it's so painful to see the void of passion to yiddishkeit in my students. Why do their eyes light up when they talk about their Tiffany bracelets? Why do they shrug and grump about tefillah? I know we always struggled with this, but the world today is a lot more dazzling than it used to be. I work so hard to instill sincere passion in them, but mommies, I need your help! They come home and lose it all, when they see what you are passionate about! I wish their eyes would sparkle more!!

Anonymous November 25, 2021

I'm a young mother with my oldest child in preschool, so I can't speak for the future. But right now, I feel like there is so much passion coming through from his Morah. My son came home on the first day of kindergarten so excited. Each day, one boy is the chazzan. He puts on a tallis and takes out the Torah from the Aron Kodesh. Then he takes it around the room and each boy gives it a kiss. When my son told me this, I started to cry. Can we give them this type of experience throughout their lives??

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