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From the Trenches

'There are no applicants! I am the beggar- I made seventy humiliating phone calls...'

'I open the community directory and cold call people to BEG them to consider the position...'

'We hired a post-seminary girl who seemed to have potential...we can't ignore the fact that she has zero experience in all aspects of classroom management and lesson planning... the students are feeling it.'

'Nobody is going into teaching. Our children need a Mommy [in the classroom]...'

'Our kids are our future, our link-yet we are going to leave them without means to a solid and safe educational experience. We will let the outside world educate them rather than leaving our homes and our office jobs to be there with them and teach them under our safety umbrella...'

'Our young assistant moros who would make great teachers leave after a year or two when they finish college and go off to get a 'real' job. Last year we lost five...'

'We need to make dozens of phone calls in order to recruit, beg, and/or bribe people to teach...every applicant was hired, whether or not they were optimal choices, because we can't have empty classrooms!'

'Any young girl teaching for me now is also going for something else (cybersecurity, PA) with the goal of supporting a husband...:'

'We are bitterly missing subs, daily and long-term...

'My new battlecry is 'Chessed!' this is no different than the people who work for Bikkur Cholim for a small salary...'

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