Achieving Balance in Dealing with “Issues”

I have a confession to make: I never thought I would stay in chinuch this long. I started my career straight out of seminary, teaching limudei kodesh at the elementary level. In addition to that, I taught general studies in the afternoons after finishing my degree. I have taught every grade (except Grade 4, for … Continue reading “Achieving Balance in Dealing with “Issues””

From Flashy Lights to Eternal Flames

When I was a kollel yungerman, I conducted a “Beginners’ Service” on Shabbos. One Shabbos Chanukah, a newly observant, thoughtful attendee related how his co-workers were discussing the various seasonal festivities in which they would be partaking that evening. One of them turned to him and asked, “What will you be doing tonight, Allan?” Allan … Continue reading “From Flashy Lights to Eternal Flames”

Prioritization – A Second Look at Fundamentals

Every educational system makes assumptions about those it is meant to educate. An incoming Grade 9 student is assumed to be literate in his native language. This may be a generally safe assumption, but there can be exceptions. Some students will require extensive remediation to bring them to grade level. As educators, we make these … Continue reading “Prioritization – A Second Look at Fundamentals”

A Values-Based Approach to Discipline

Do any of these situations look familiar? A lunchroom monitor marches two 3rd grade boys into the principal’s office just as the latter was about to meet with prospective parents. A few minutes prior, several students, including Yanky, had been sitting together at a table in the designated eating area eating their lunch. Chaim walked … Continue reading “A Values-Based Approach to Discipline”

Positively Chinuch: A Positive Approach to Reproach

A group of Mechanchim recently met with the Belzer Rebbe, shlita. Among other things, they discussed with him the current philosophy against corporal or otherwise harsh punishments. They questioned why what was acceptable and standard in the days of our grandparents is no longer looked at as suitable. The Rebbe opened a Chumash Bamidbar and … Continue reading “Positively Chinuch: A Positive Approach to Reproach”

The Responsive Classroom

Helping children enjoy school and learn more. Twenty six typical, rambunctious 3rd grade boys sit in a circle on their classroom floor, joined by their Rebbi.  One at a time each boy gently tosses a light ball to a classmate of his choice. The recipient responds by verbally greeting the `tosser’ with a smiling ‘boker … Continue reading “The Responsive Classroom”

Should Personality Screening be Implemented in our Mosdos

Trust This past summer has, unfortunately, been filled with happenings the likes of which we have not experienced in Klal Yisrael for a long time. It started with the loss of three great leaders who left us. Even though it was because of old age, it was extremely difficult to bear, because we became yesomimve’ein … Continue reading “Should Personality Screening be Implemented in our Mosdos”